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Very dangerous to hike to this bus, was raining when Tom and Xavier made it out and rained all night. The last river would have been impassable after the rain and they would have had to wait for the river to go down. Picked Tom & Xavier up in Dawson City and they were with me for a week.

Denali NP, Into The Wild and hithchikers.

Foreigners are obsessed with the book and movie Into the Wild. Left is Tom and Xavier at the actual Chris McCandless bus and right is one from the movie outside a restaurant in Healy Alaska.

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Japanese cyclist I picked up in Inuvik and he plans to cycle to South America.

Xavier, Tom and me. They are engineering students in Nantes, France.

Mt. Denali (McKinley) barely visible in the haze just to the right of the dark slope. Highest peak in North America.

Second from top on right, two Argentininian families we met at the end of the Stampede Road where the hike to the bus started.

Below that is Xavier, Tom, Abby and Alex (from New Zealand) discussing how to ford the last river.

Directly below, Alex, me, Abby, Camilla (Argentina), Xavier and Tom.