This is Sarah and Kate, picked them up in Tok Alaska and drove them to Haines Junction in the Yukon. One is from Maine and the other from Massachusetts. We boondocked it that night and they said they heard coyotes howling during the night, I did not hear a thing, I sleep way too soundly!

I dropped them off at the start of the highway to Haines Alaska where they were taking a ferry to Bellingham Washington.

Kate was turning 30 two days after I dropped them off.


I have picked up nine hitchikers so far on this trip. Most are on even greater adventures than me because they're back packing, sleeping in tents, cooking over fires when possible and doing back country hikes and mountain climbing.

They all have interesting stories to tell (except the Japanese guy because his English was only slightly better than my Japanese) and they say (being polite) that mine are interesting too.

The conversations are mostly about travelling and my Antarctic trip does intrigue all of them.