I'm at 64 degrees N now in Dawson City and will be at 69 degrees N in Tuktoyaktuk.


It's quite possible it was one of these guys I was eating three days later,


As I do this page I have already been to Skagway, Alaska and a fair bit of the Yukon Territory. It has been almost two weeks since I had decent internet and a shower. Just had a very long shower and internet is slow but working.


NWT is not really scenic as like Labrador the roads are routed to facilitate commerce and transportation not tourism. Even Great Slave Lake there are only about four places you can actually see it. It is the second biggest lake entirely within Canada, 10th biggest in the world and at 614m deep the deepest lake in North America.

However in the first day in the NWT I saw bison, black bear, white pelicans and Gray Jays (also known as Whiskey Jacks and Canada Jays). Coming back through Wood Buffalo NP just as I exited the park there were two pickup trucks and four natives butchering bison. They gave me about a pound and I had it for dinner three days later. Surprisingly tender and a good but strong taste.


Probably a road I shouldn't have been on, just east of Fort Smith on the Slave River. I was trying to get a closer look at the white pelicans.

Louise Falls on the Hay River in the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park.

Great Slave Lake at Hay River, I had to drive around for 40 minutes to find access to the lake.